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King Arthur - Purcell - Gabrieli Consort

A performance in London. Venue TBC

A true gem of baroque music, signed by Henry Purcell, with its plot full of twists and turns and colorful characters, King Arthur has been a lasting success since its first performance in 1691. 


The story tells of the confrontation between Arthur, the Christian Breton king and Oswald, the Pagan Saxon king. Assisted by their sorcerers – Merlin on the side of good and Osmond on the side of evil – they fight for supremacy over Brittany and for the heart of Emmeline, a blind young girl. Love, honor and peace will triumph, saved as if by magic.

King Arthur has become Purcell’s signature work and Paul McCreesh fully intends to defend its truly British dimension, with the colours and freshness of its creation in 1691, (Purcell was only 31) with a passionate and virtuoso troupe.